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Automatic turning-anti-travel tool turning slender rod

There are many methods for turning slender rods. Generally, the forward tool turning or the counter tool turning is carried out by using the heel tool holder. However, reverse tool turning has many advantages over forward tool turning, and most of them are used.

        Two kinds of problems are easy to occur in turning. One is polygonal, which is mainly due to the large back angle of the tool, which is inconsistent with the R of the tool holder claw and the diameter of the workpiece. The other is the slub problem. It is caused by the cutting edge and the tool holder, when the tool is set and the tool is moved to the cutting surface, the cutting depth changes from a very small to a sudden increase, the cutting force changes, the workpiece produces an outward tool, and the diameter suddenly changes Large, when following the tool holder to a large diameter, the diameter of the car becomes smaller again, so the cycle makes the workpiece processed into a slub shape.

        In order to prevent the slub shape, when the car is finished with the rack, carefully follow the knife holder, set the knife back, use the middle carriage handle, and eat deep (0.04 ~ 0.08) mm, but according to the cutting depth Flexible size control.